Our history

One hundred years looking at the sea

How it all started

In 1911 the Kiosko Tío Pepe opened its doors as a tiny horchateria located next to the old Colegio de las Javerianas on Paseo de Gomis in Alicante.

Its location next to the train tracks to Denia gave it a strategic location for travelers and walkers.

But it was from 1932 on when the founder of the business, a Spaniard who emigrated to the United States named José García, grandfather of the current owners, returned to Spain and obtained the concession from the Port of Alicante. Since then it has been a must-see for the residents of Alicante where horchatas, ice creams, slushies and other specialties made in an artisanal way, were tasted daily.

It was the son of José, Rafael, who gave the Kiosk its name after the Civil War, at which time he took the opportunity to carry out the first of its modernizations with the expansion of a picnic area on the beach where, at that time and given the situation, access with one’s own food was allowed.

The current Rafael Puerta del Mar is a modern establishment run by Rafael’s daughters since 1989. The Kiosko has witnessed multiple events that range from the visits of Kings and personalities, to a war, the Transition or the arrival of Democracy to Spain. There have been other vicissitudes such as floods, floods, gales or major remodeling and urban planning works of the current Paseo de Gómiz.

But the Kiosko Rafael Puerta del Mar has resisted all circumstances, sticking to the rhythm imposed by the times and adapting both its facilities and its catering offer for greater comfort and enjoyment of the public.

The massive arrival of tourism to the city of Alicante and its province have made the Rafael Puerta del Mar Kiosk an unmissable meeting point for a few moments of relaxation alone or in the company of friends or family. Its varied dishes and its extensive menu of coffees, infusions and drinks provide the perfect accompaniment to any breakfast, aperitif or meal. Visit us.